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How Does the Crisis Pregnancy Center Work?

Women hear about the Pregnancy Helpline as a result of community wide advertising, public relations and through word of mouth. Most frequently, they are attracted by the offer of a free pregnancy test.

If a pregnancy test is done, the results are given promptly. Additional peer advice is offered depending on the individual needs of each client.

For further pregnancy related concerns, please call us at
(269) 659-1100 or after hours at (800) 712-4357 (24/7).


Pregnancy Tests

Our highly sensitive, urine based tests may detect the presence of the hormone Hcg as soon as 7 days after conception.
Tests are confidential and administered in private, comfortable rooms in conjunction with the guidance from trained peer advisors.


Pregnancy Helpline has ultrasound equipment available to determine the viability of your pregnancy and the gestational age of your baby. Ultrasounds are conducted by a registered nurse, trained in limited ultrasound technology, with physician oversight.


Prenatal Education

For expectant parents which includes information on labor &
delivery, breast feeding, and infant care.

Parenting Education

Information designed to increase parent-child connectedness by examining parenting styles, effective communication techniques and fundamental needs of children that must be provided.

Abortion & Pregnancy Loss Support

For families struggling with the loss of their child due to miscarriage or abortion.

Spiritual Information & Support

For all those seeking to grow spiritually, including free Bibles,
Bible studies, and discipleship opportunities.


Clothing Room

To help with physical needs, we have a wide selection of baby and maternity clothing, baby food, cereal and formula, and other essentials needed in raising a young family.

Incentive Program

A program designed for clients who are seeking ongoing support for such things as diapers and wipes, new clothing, laundry detergent or need big ticket items such as a crib and mattress, a car seat, a stroller or high chair.The program is based upon a point system whereby our clients earn points that can be used to purchase the above by participating in various activities designed to increase accountability and responsibility.

Mentoring Men For Fatherhood

A fatherhood mentoring program designed for young fathers who are seeking mature guidance and wisdom with family challenges, accountability and spiritual walk.


You can now book an appointment easily online. Choose a date on the calendar to see what time slots are available. Appointments are free and can be made for anything such as pregnancy tests, prenatal and parenting education, a visit to the store, the incentive program or if you just need a listening ear. Ultrasounds are scheduled on Monday at 10am and 11am, and on Tuesday/Thursday at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm.

We’re here to help you and walk with you.

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You will receive a confirmation email upon booking an appointment and will also receive a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment schedule.

If you previously booked an appointment and need to change the date or time, or if you need to cancel, please call us at (269) 659-1100